Google Drive Hosting Issue

This post is for all people who are facing issue with Google drive hosting. If you're thinking that something happened to your account or your links then don't worry your account and links are perfectly okay.

Google Drive

Recently, Google discontinued the service of Google drive hosting which simply means you can't host your files through Google Drive anymore.

This is a bad news for all the developers and bloggers who used to host their files at Google Drive.

See the announcement here

So now you need to host your files on other sites. A better alternative is Dropbox.

But you can't host your files directly on Dropbox. This is why I made this post to help you.

How to host your files on Dropbox

So to host your files on Drop box you need to sign up on Dropbox and then upload your file. This is the easy part and now the tricky part

Steps to follow

  • This is how you'll see your file in Dropbox

Dropbox Dashboard

  • Now take your mouse cursor over the file name and you'll see share button
  • Click on share button and you'll see something like this

Share Link Screenshot

  • Now click on link settings choose the settings as in screenshot

Link Settings In Dropbox

  • Now copy the link
  • Your link will look like this

  • You need to change the www in the URL to dl, so it looks like this:

Visit the link in browser to see if it's working or not.
Now you can use this link in your style sheet or in your web page.

Same trick can be used to host CSS style sheet.

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