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Sassy Mag- Free Blogger Template

Sassy Mag is a clean and responsive template designed especially for tech and lifestyle bloggers. The theme comes with a great design and color combination which gives a better experience to users on the site. Moreover, the template has been designed with the concept of SEO in mind which means you wouldn't have to worry about meta tags for SEO anymore.

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Make changes in header, font, color and widgets easily.

Responsive Design

Design that fits every screen size.

Social Media Optimized

Custom social media sharing buttons.

SEO Optimized

Search engine friendly template.

Dropdown Menu

Cool dropdown menu to handle more categories.

Better Layout

Designed to give a better user experience.

Widgets Re-designed

Blogger widgets styled to match template.

Fast Loading

Extra focus to make super low size template.

Template Extras

Add my custom widgets made especially for my templates.

Help Documents

From installation steps to all common queries.

Building Your Blog Audience With Ease

The next step after publishing quality content on a blog is the content promotion. Even an interesting article means nothing if there is no traffic on your blog. This article will help you to understand the tactics that you can use to build the audience on your blog easily.
According to this New York Times article, about 95% of bloggers give up in the first year of blogging. Why?
Possible reasons
  • Running out of ideas after publishing few posts
  • No technical knowledge
  • Impatient
  • No time for blogging
  • And then one of the biggest reason- no traffic on blog
If you are reading this article then I guess you are not among the quitters and this is why I'm gonna reward you with traffic building tips.

"Blogging is a mixture of art and science. Art is creating interesting content and science is the content promotion. A person must be good in both to become a successful blogger."

Tips to Build Your Blog Audience

To increase traffic, you should first consider all the possible sources. Fortunately, I'm listing all the major traffic sources that every blogger should consider first. Not every traffic source mentioned here will be helpful to you as it depends more on the blog niche. What you need to do is experiment with all the traffic sources and target the one which redirects the most of your traffic. For some, it can be Youtube and for others, it can be Social Media.

My list of major traffic sources:-

  1. Google Search Results
  2. Social media
  3. Email marketing
  4. Guest posting
  5. Site comments
  6. Forum
  7. YouTube

1. Google Search

Being the best source of traffic Google is on the top of this list. The success of a blog depends on how well a blog is performing in Google search results. While it takes some time to get traffic from search results it's always recommended to target Google first.

Targeting Google is not that easy as there will be many more sites with the same content as you have. This is why you should have knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as it's the only way you can gain traffic from Google.

2. Social Media

If you ask me then I'll say social media is the easiest way to get traffic. But it is not that simple as it sounds. You can have way more traffic than you think if you target it well. Make sure that your post gets seen by sharing it on major social media sites just after publishing it on your blog. We will talk more about it in next chapter.

3. Email Marketing

We all know that returning visitors are the best visitors. Email marketing is the best way to remind people about your blog. In email marketing, you request your first-time visitors to subscribe to your blog or you force them to subscribe by offering something so that you can invite them again whenever you publish a new post on your blog.
All you need is a fancy subscribe box or a pop-up subscribe box. If you have something to offer in return of email then pop-up subscribe box is for you.

4. Guest Posting

Most of you have heard about guest posting already but do you know the main reason behind guest posting?
It has many advantages including blog promotion, link building, and brand awareness. Guest posting is the best strategy to get backlinks to your blog. Not only it helps to get direct traffic but also it greatly affects the SEO of your blog.

5. Site Comments

You should never stop your blog promotion. Site comments is another way of blog promotion. In this method, you leave informational comments on other sites or blogs related to your niche.
If you are blogging for quite some time, you must have noticed some people leaving a comment on your post with a link back to their blog. They are doing nothing but the promotion of their blog.

6. Forum Participation

This method is helpful for some bloggers only. In forum participation, you join as many forums as you can and provide help to other users. You leave a link to your blog in most of your answers with an intention to grow traffic on your blog. The only thing you need to remember- your answers should be informational and up to the question.

7. YouTube

You read it right, YouTube can be a good source of traffic too. Apart from having traffic from this source, you can also earn a pretty good amount of money from your videos. Just upload a video whenever you have time and forget. You can also embed your videos in your posts so that you can increase your views which will increase your earnings through YouTube.

If you follow all these methods then your traffic will double within a month or less. It might take more time if your blog needs improvement.

Have you ever tried increasing traffic on your blog?
If yes and you succeed, then share your experience with us in comments, it might help other bloggers.

SEO Explained in Simple Words

If you just started blogging then you might have heard about SEO already but not many people know how it works and how it can help you stand out of crowd.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a process of getting traffic on a website, blog or web page primarily from search engine results. We often call it "organic traffic".

Tutes Inside- SEO Guide

It is believed that major portion of traffic comes from Google. This is why we call it- Google the giant.

And we have only 3 major search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo. Out of these three Google is the only one which matters but we can't ignore other two also as they can be helpful too. This should be noted that not all search engines show same search results.

If we look at the percentage of searches done on different search engines then this is what we will see.

Market Share Chart

As you can see Google owns the internet and targeting Google for good traffic is what every other site owner is doing.

But the question is how SEO can help in getting traffic?

To answer this question we should first know how a search engine works.

Search engine show results which are more relevant to the user. There is a long chain of process before a search engine will show search results to the user.

The results are based on how search engines read the web page. Search engines are smart but still, they are not as smart as humans and this is why we need SEO to help them read a web page.
While right SEO will help you increase traffic on your blog, the wrong SEO can leave a negative impact on the traffic. This is why you need to know how SEO works before implementing it on your blog.

SEO helps you to improve the ranking of your web page in search results. The top three search results for any search query gets the most traffic and to reach that position you should know SEO.

Fun Fact #1

To summarize all:-

SEO help search engines to read a web page
SEO is important for a web page to improve ranking in search results
SEO help blog owners to get organic traffic on their blog
SEO is the key to blog's success

Content Posting Manners for Every Blogger

We all know that content is the real king. Only the content of a blog can help in increasing traffic on the blog. While some bloggers are really good at writing some others are good at promoting their content. But there are some content posting manners that every blogger should know as it will help in boosting traffic in real time.

So without wasting time let's just talk about the things which every blogger should consider first before posting anything.
Plagiarism is the act of stealing and publishing someone else's work without their permission. Of course, this is not the right way of blogging and this is why I called it- the blog destroyer.
Stealing someone's content and publishing it on your blog with your name is not at all recommended. This will leave a bad impact on your SEO which means less traffic on your blog. So, avoid copying and start creating your own unique and interesting content. Never underestimate your writing capabilities.
Furthermore, if you publish your own content and want to see if someone has copied your content or not then you can check it with this awesome tool.

Post Regularly
Post Regularly
It doesn't matter if you have a new blog or you are already doing good with your blog. You must post content on your blog regularly to remind your subscribers about your blog. Bloggers who publish new content every week has high chances of getting traffic than bloggers who publish content monthly.
If you are not sure whether you should post twice or thrice a week then do some experiments. The point is- you should always aim for more traffic on your blog. 

Proper Images
Images Are Must

An article is incomplete without images. You should always have one image which is related to the post in your article. That image will be used by all the social media sites on link sharing.
As you can see I use unique images in my articles that I make myself. Not only these images spice up my articles but also they help me to increase traffic on my blog.
According to Neil Patel, he noticed a sudden increase in traffic when he started using more creative images in his articles. And now he always makes articles with amazing images.


A common mistake that most of the newbie bloggers make- they forget to add the description to their posts.
The description of a post can also be used to attract visitors to the blog. It will appear in search results along with post title and it will come up with the shared link on social media. Therefore, using a nice eye-catching description will encourage users to click the link.

If I search "Dog food" on Google then the first result I get is this one:-

Not only they have mentioned Dog food in the description but also they have mentioned other varieties which will encourage the user to click on the link. This is one of the best tricks to increase organic traffic on your blog.

Give Credit

The next and very much important step that one should not forget is giving credit where it is necessary. Many of the bloggers use images from the Internet without giving credit. As a blogger, you must know that not every image is free for use. This is why giving proper credit to the owner is important.

5 Quick Tips to Make you a Professional Blogger

In the world of blogging, it is very hard to show yourself as a professional. Earlier blogging was not that hard and people used to blog for fun but now they do it for money. The time has changed and so the way of blogging.

The blogging world is getting bigger day by day. According to Worldometer, there are more than 3 million blog posts which bloggers create in a single day. And if we go down the same path then this number goes down to thousand in a particular niche which gives a pretty good idea of competition.

So how to stand out and make your blog famous?

That's a big question and it's not that easy to answer as there can be many ways that you can use to make your blog famous. But the very best way is to show yourself as a professional blogger to people.

Here I'm listing 5 quick and easy to follow tips to become a professional blogger.

Be Creative

First thing first, be creative with your content. Only your readers can help you to make your blog famous. Try something new for your readers. Instead of making same articles as your competitors, give something different to your readers. That way they will come back to read something new again.

Avoid writing straight to the point articles, you are not a robot. You are not giving an exam that you have to write answers according to the question. You are free to add a few puns into your articles.

Be Consistent

It is believed that consistency is the key to success and if you follow the same rule then it will help you to achieve success. Commitment to work always pays off and you should know that.

When it comes to blogging, be regular. Not only it will help you to become a professional blogger but also it will help you to improve your search ranking and increase traffic.

If you are also wondering how many times you should post articles in a week then let me tell you, there is no fixed number. You can post once or twice a week but it should be a quality content.


For a professional blogger, it's a must have quality. Sometimes it takes more than weeks or months to see the result. Even if you are publishing really nice content then it will take some time to build good traffic on your site. It's not a matter of weeks.

In this long run don't give up so easily because every professional blogger out there has gone through this phase. This is why not every person can become a successful blogger because it takes a lot of efforts.

Success is seeing your article on the first page of Google which sometimes can take months or even years.

Learn & Adapt

When you are a blogger then there is always something new to learn. You should always look for the things which will help you to get more and more readers.

Network with other bloggers to see what they are doing to make their blog different from others. Get feedback from your readers to show them that they value.

Before publishing any article here I spend some time researching about that topic so that I can give more and more valuable information to my readers. Not only it helps me to create valuable content but also I get something new to learn which is good for me.

Be Smart

Not only you have to work hard but also smart. If you are not smart then your competitors will beat you. For this purpose only you have to be smart so that you can be a step ahead always.

From your writing style to content promotion, be smart. Use the best blogging tools to avoid common blogging mistakes and to take your blog to a whole new level.

Check if you are not missing any earning option. There are many ways you can earn from your blog and you should try all to see which one works best on your blog.

How to Blog While Working Full Time Job

If you are plugging away day after day in a job you have little or no passion for, you are not alone. So many of us are stuck in 9 to 5 office jobs and the two things keeping us there is not knowing there’s a better way to earn an income and the fear of failure that comes with starting something new. We let our comfort of a steady paycheck hold us back from making huge advances in our lives and careers. But what if I told you that you could live out your passions and do the things you’ve always dreamed of doing through blogging without leaving your comfy office job? Read on for how to jump into blogging without quitting your day job.

Blogging Tips

Figure out what you want to do

Get ready because this will be the toughest decision you’ll ever make in life. I went through many years of college, switching majors, changing jobs, and I still don’t have it completely figured out. But I’m getting there and you will too. The first step in jumping into blogging is figuring out what it is you want to blog about.
You don’t want to get started in just anything because it’ll be a waste of your time if you don’t enjoy doing it. It can quickly become more like a chore than your passion, making it more difficult to stay motivated. When asking yourself what your purpose is, consider things you enjoy doing without being asked to do it. What are some of your hobbies and interests?
Also think about what your strengths are. What do you constantly receive compliments on? What are people always asking your advice or help with?
Consider the everyday objects you use that you absolutely love and recommend to friends often. For example, I could go on all day about my crock pot and the easy meals I can make in it. Are there any objects you’re obsessed with and practically sell just through your recommendations?
Figuring out what to blog about will take some time so have patience. Sit down for a brainstorm session and consider the pros and cons of each idea that pops into your head. Don’t become overwhelmed if your calling doesn’t come to you right away. You will get there with time.

Make the commitment

Once you have your blog topic in mind, it’s time to commit to it. This means being consistent day in and day out, telling your friends and family what you’re taking on, setting focused blogging hours for yourself and determining the best course of action to move your blog forward.
Being a blogger is not working on your blog just on days that you feel like it. It’s not doing only the tasks that you enjoy doing. Let me be real with you for a moment. As much as I believe blogging is incredibly rewarding, you do have to put the work in. Buy a good planner and determine when and how much time you’ll invest in it. Stay consistent even on the days you rather sit on the couch and watch TV. If you put the work in now, you’ll be rewarded for it later down the road.
In my opinion, telling friends and family your plans makes it all feel so much more real. It’s important to tell the people closest to you what you’re doing so they know that you’re serious about this new adventure. Be clear about your focused blogging time and so they know what to expect from you.
Just like retail stores are open during certain hours of the day, you should plan to get blogging in during certain hours as well. Set hours for yourself of when you’ll blog and make sure your clients are aware of them. This will help keep you on track every day and be consistent. Just remember that you need down time too.
When first starting out, it’s important to figure out the key tasks that will move you forward. Stop wasting your time doing the things that don’t matter! Do your research, follow the top leaders in your industry and get focused.

Learn to manage your time

Time Management In Blogging
If you’re working a full-time job in addition to your blogging, you most likely don’t have a ton of extra time available. This means you’ll have to work smarter rather than harder.
The first thing you need to do is eliminate the time-wasters, a huge one often being TV time. Even some of the hobbies you love may have to be cut down unless of course, they’re related to your blog.
Next, buy a planner and block out the times each day you’ll dedicate to blogging. This is your focused time.
You’ll also want to make use of your extra chunks of time throughout the day. For example, you can think of new blog ideas while waiting at the doctor’s office, sitting on a bus, waiting for your dinner to cook, etc. Be as productive as possible during these blocks of free time.

Have a strong and powerful why

Why to Blog?
It’s certainly not easy trying to juggle an office job, a blog and home life. There will be many times when things get difficult and you’ll want to throw in the towel. This is especially true for those who have the cushion of a steady day job. But you will not give up this time because you’re going to come up with a strong and powerful why that will keep you moving forward with your blog even when you want to quit.
Think about why you wanted to start blogging in the first place. It shouldn’t be just to earn a little extra money. Get deep with it. Why do you really want to do this? Would you one day like to turn blogging into your full-time gig so you can work from home and set your own hours? Do you want to one day have more time with your family? When it comes to your why you must have emotion because this is the one thing that will keep you going when things get tough (and trust me, they will).

There is more in life for you than just your boring day job. You were born to do more than sit at a desk all day and enter numbers into a computer. You are unique and have something so valuable to offer the world. You may or may not know what that thing is yet but the fact that you read this blog post to the end tells me that there’s something in your heart that’s pulling you to do something more with your life. The jump into blogging doesn’t have to be as scary as quitting your day job. Why not start a blog on the side that you can actually be proud of?

Nicole Tinkham is the author of this article. She’s a busy wife, mom of four fur babies and entrepreneur with a passion for cooking, family, blogging, and the great outdoors.