Content Posting Manners for Every Blogger

We all know that content is the real king. Only the content of a blog can help in increasing traffic on the blog. While some bloggers are really good at writing some others are good at promoting their content. But there are some content posting manners that every blogger should know as it will help in boosting traffic in real time.

So without wasting time let's just talk about the things which every blogger should consider first before posting anything.
Plagiarism is the act of stealing and publishing someone else's work without their permission. Of course, this is not the right way of blogging and this is why I called it- the blog destroyer.
Stealing someone's content and publishing it on your blog with your name is not at all recommended. This will leave a bad impact on your SEO which means less traffic on your blog. So, avoid copying and start creating your own unique and interesting content. Never underestimate your writing capabilities.
Furthermore, if you publish your own content and want to see if someone has copied your content or not then you can check it with this awesome tool.

Post Regularly
Post Regularly
It doesn't matter if you have a new blog or you are already doing good with your blog. You must post content on your blog regularly to remind your subscribers about your blog. Bloggers who publish new content every week has high chances of getting traffic than bloggers who publish content monthly.
If you are not sure whether you should post twice or thrice a week then do some experiments. The point is- you should always aim for more traffic on your blog. 

Proper Images
Images Are Must

An article is incomplete without images. You should always have one image which is related to the post in your article. That image will be used by all the social media sites on link sharing.
As you can see I use unique images in my articles that I make myself. Not only these images spice up my articles but also they help me to increase traffic on my blog.
According to Neil Patel, he noticed a sudden increase in traffic when he started using more creative images in his articles. And now he always makes articles with amazing images.


A common mistake that most of the newbie bloggers make- they forget to add the description to their posts.
The description of a post can also be used to attract visitors to the blog. It will appear in search results along with post title and it will come up with the shared link on social media. Therefore, using a nice eye-catching description will encourage users to click the link.

If I search "Dog food" on Google then the first result I get is this one:-

Not only they have mentioned Dog food in the description but also they have mentioned other varieties which will encourage the user to click on the link. This is one of the best tricks to increase organic traffic on your blog.

Give Credit

The next and very much important step that one should not forget is giving credit where it is necessary. Many of the bloggers use images from the Internet without giving credit. As a blogger, you must know that not every image is free for use. This is why giving proper credit to the owner is important.

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