5 Quick Tips to Make you a Professional Blogger

In the world of blogging, it is very hard to show yourself as a professional. Earlier blogging was not that hard and people used to blog for fun but now they do it for money. The time has changed and so the way of blogging.

The blogging world is getting bigger day by day. According to Worldometer, there are more than 3 million blog posts which bloggers create in a single day. And if we go down the same path then this number goes down to thousand in a particular niche which gives a pretty good idea of competition.

So how to stand out and make your blog famous?

That's a big question and it's not that easy to answer as there can be many ways that you can use to make your blog famous. But the very best way is to show yourself as a professional blogger to people.

Here I'm listing 5 quick and easy to follow tips to become a professional blogger.

Be Creative

First thing first, be creative with your content. Only your readers can help you to make your blog famous. Try something new for your readers. Instead of making same articles as your competitors, give something different to your readers. That way they will come back to read something new again.

Avoid writing straight to the point articles, you are not a robot. You are not giving an exam that you have to write answers according to the question. You are free to add a few puns into your articles.

Be Consistent

It is believed that consistency is the key to success and if you follow the same rule then it will help you to achieve success. Commitment to work always pays off and you should know that.

When it comes to blogging, be regular. Not only it will help you to become a professional blogger but also it will help you to improve your search ranking and increase traffic.

If you are also wondering how many times you should post articles in a week then let me tell you, there is no fixed number. You can post once or twice a week but it should be a quality content.


For a professional blogger, it's a must have quality. Sometimes it takes more than weeks or months to see the result. Even if you are publishing really nice content then it will take some time to build good traffic on your site. It's not a matter of weeks.

In this long run don't give up so easily because every professional blogger out there has gone through this phase. This is why not every person can become a successful blogger because it takes a lot of efforts.

Success is seeing your article on the first page of Google which sometimes can take months or even years.

Learn & Adapt

When you are a blogger then there is always something new to learn. You should always look for the things which will help you to get more and more readers.

Network with other bloggers to see what they are doing to make their blog different from others. Get feedback from your readers to show them that they value.

Before publishing any article here I spend some time researching about that topic so that I can give more and more valuable information to my readers. Not only it helps me to create valuable content but also I get something new to learn which is good for me.

Be Smart

Not only you have to work hard but also smart. If you are not smart then your competitors will beat you. For this purpose only you have to be smart so that you can be a step ahead always.

From your writing style to content promotion, be smart. Use the best blogging tools to avoid common blogging mistakes and to take your blog to a whole new level.

Check if you are not missing any earning option. There are many ways you can earn from your blog and you should try all to see which one works best on your blog.

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  1. I liked it. Even I am a beginner so this post helped me a lot.



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