Advanced SEO Tips For Bloggers

If you have read my earlier article on basic SEO tips you'll be able to understand how these all methods are very important for a blog to grow. If you have good content on your blog then traffic is all you need. You can hire an SEO expert anytime but I'd suggest you understand this concept as using it in the wrong way will leave a negative impact on your blog.

Advanced SEO Tips For Bloggers

In case, you missed my earlier article please read it first:-

Basic SEO tips for bloggers

So what do you need to increase traffic on your blog and to make it search engine friendly is what I'm going to tell you here.

Loading Speed

You can't drive traffic to your blog if your blog loads slow. Your blog should be user-friendly and should load faster. You can use page speed tool by Google to check the performance of your blog.

PageSpeed Insights


You must check for different issues related to your blog either it is related to HTML, CSS or dead links you must always validate your blog. You can use this tool to find all the issues related to your blog that need to be fixed.

W3C Validation Tool

Index Your Blog

While most of the search engines will automatically find and index the content of your blog but don't count on it. First, make sure if your blog is indexed or not. Here's how you can do that

Go to Google and type  (replace '' with your actual domain name, (example:, and check whether your blog is indexed or not.

If there are no results then you need to index your blog by submitting your blog sitemap.

Submit your sitemap to Google

Social Share

Social networking sites play an important role nowadays. If you don't have social sharing buttons on your blog then you must add social sharing buttons. Let your readers promote your blog.

Add social sharing buttons on blogger

You should not ignore this source of traffic.

Web Design

It's time to change the look of your blog if you're still using that boring look. People like to visit attractive blogs. If you have a nice blog then people will share your blog over the social network which ultimately brings traffic on your blog.

Update Regularly

Publish new contents on your blog regularly to make readers interested in your blog. Also, this is the way of increasing subscribers to your blog. Your blog's ranking will also improve if you update your blog regularly.

Increasing traffic on your blog isn't easy and you need to follow more and more advanced techniques. Be patient and follow these advanced techniques to grow traffic on your blog.

Don't forget to comment your tips.

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