Recover Deleted Posts On Blogger

Blogger is a great platform to share your ideas and knowledge with other people. A blog post is the only way to share your ideas or knowledge. What if you accidentally deleted your one of the good post?

Recover Deleted Posts On Blogger
A good blog post is something which makes a blog unique. Only your blog posts have the power to make your visitors stay on your blog. Also you can't earn from your blog if you're copying content from other blogs.

So, if you're working hard on your blog posts just to make your blog different from others and to make it popular you know the value of your posts.

If you've deleted any post and you're looking for a way to recover that post then you can use these methods to recover your posts.

By blogger draft

If you're creating a post and somehow you've lost it like your system crashed or stopped working. No need to worry as long as you can recover by this method.

Blogger automatically saves your post and if you've not published it then you can always find it in drafts section.

You just need to login to your blogger account and then selecting drafts.

By cached view

If you've deleted a post a few days ago then you can use cached view method to get back your deleted content.

Cached view is the copy of your web pages that search engines save from time to time. You can view your cached copy of your blog by this method.

Just visit this site Cached View and type in your blog name there and then you can see the earlier version of your blog. There you can easily find your deleted post.

There are other options also that can be used if you're not able to recover your content. Wayback Machine of internet archive is one of them.

By blog feeds

You can also recover your blog posts by the method of blog feeds. Every time you publish a new post the feed box send a post update mail to your subscribers ad you can see that link in your feed box.

In case, I'm missing any method please share it with us in comments so that other bloggers can have higher possibilities of recovering their content.


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