Pros and Cons of Changing Web Address of a Blog

When it comes to choosing a name for a blog many people spend a lot of time thinking for the perfect name. I agree it should be unique and capable of defining what people are going to see in that blog.

Tutes Inside- Tips For Changing Blog Address

Every blog should be having a unique name and it's something that people are going to remember. Don't you want your blog to stand out of crowd?

Of course, we all want this. A blog name is what bloggers usually use to make blog address for most of the blogs and it's something professional. Every blog should have blog name oriented blog address.

Have you seen any big famous website having different name and web address?

So, I was going through some issues in blogger forum and saw some posts related with blog address change. Basically, people should not change their web address just for fun as it has its bad impacts too and it's what I'm going to share here.

Why to change blog address?

Well, it's up to you if you want to change it or not. While it's not recommended to change web address of your blog but if it's good for the blog future then you should change it.
Some of the reasons why people change their blog address:-

  • No uniqueness in name
  • To expand blog so as to cover more topics
  • A very long name
  • Copyright issues
  • A blog created a long time ago with not so good name
  • To innovate

There can be much more. The reason can be anything but only do it if it's fruitful.

Bad effects of changing blog address

While it's very easy to change blog address in blogger and you don't have to worry for the link of your posts as they get changed automatically also but what you don't know is it has its bad effects too. 


Whenever a new blog is created, it gets indexed automatically means starts to appear in search engine results. Depending on the visitors on your blog and the pageviews you're getting on your blog content your blog will get a rank both in alexa and search engines result. 
If you're going to change the web address then you're going to lose that ranking.

Old readers

After you change your blog address some of your old readers will not able to visit your blog. Remember not every visitor subscribe to your blog and there are so many people out there who like to bookmark a page instead of subscribing to a blog. 

Traffic drop

You're going to face traffic drop on your blog as your new web address will take some time to regain the same web ranking as it was having before. 


If someone has mentioned your blog or article on their website then it's not going to work and you'll again lose some good referred visitors.

Social networks

You can't have the same old name on your social networking sites and you need to update them too while you can change the name you can't change the links.

What to do while changing blog address?

Some things you should remember while changing the blog address to regain your traffic and status.

Use change of address tool

Google has an article for the people who want to change the web address of their blog. You should follow the article to tell Google that you've changed the web address. It will help in minimizing the effect of search results ranking.

Follow SEO tips

Be sure to follow all the SEO tips for your new blog address. It will help you regain your traffic and the lost ranking.

Update information

You need to update all the information which has your previous blog name including all the images, posts, contact information and social networking sites.

Welcome message

You can add a welcome message for your visitors saying you have changed your blog address. That way your returning visitors will be able to understand easily without having any confusion.

If you're going to follow all the steps then you will be able to build traffic on your blog again. It's going to take some time but we all know patience is the key to success.

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Change your blog address for the best and make it famous. Don't let anything stop you other than a red light. 

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