Embed PDF in Blogger Post

How awesome it would be if Blogger allow people to upload PDF in post editor directly. It will save so much time. Well, Google has other products to make it easy for you.

Tutes Inside- Add PDF In Blogger Posts

The best way to embed PDF in blogger is through Google Drive.

Google drive let's you upload everything but it stopped it's hosting service in September. It was a great option for web designers to host their CSS and Javascript stylesheets. Now, dropbox is the only option for them.

Using dropbox to host files

Coming to the point, it's very easy to upload file in Google drive and you can upload and embed PDF in blogger in just 5 minutes.

Steps to follow

  • Login/Signup to Google Drive
  • Click on 'Upload file' in 'My Drive' and upload your PDF file

Upload File In Google Drive

  • Now, right click on your uploaded PDF file and click on 'Get shareable link' so that anyone with the link can view your PDF and this will also copy the link.

Change Privacy Of Uploaded File

  • Now, open new tab in browser and paste the link and hit enter
  • This will open your uploaded PDF. Now, click on triple dots on top right and then click on 'Embed'

Embed File On External Web Page

  • Copy the code from the box that will appear
  • Now, go back to your blogger account and edit the post in which you want to embed your PDF. In post editor, click on HTML on top left and paste the code that you just copied like this:-

HTML Post Editor In Blogger

Now, you can publish your post with your PDF in it.

If you want to change the height and width of box which appears with PDF in post then change the value of height and width in iframe code.

Happy Blogging!

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