Everything You Need To Know About Adsense

Setting up for google adsense is the most simple yet complicated thing in blogger. Most of the people have questions about how to set up google adsense, place ads and earn money. Though it's very simple but confusing at the same time.

Adsense Booklet

A quick guide on adsense

Most of the bloggers have questions about adsense like how to apply or how to place ads from adsense.

The easiest way to use adsense on your blog is by going to 'Earning' section. There you'll see signup option for adsense. If you can't see signup button then you're not eligible for adsense yet.

Click the button and then make your account.

Now, you'll need to submit your blog to Adsense for approval. Only approved blogs can be used to place ads and without approval you can't place ads and hence no earning.

So, there are some basic requirements that a blog must meet. Some of them are:-

Applicant age:- Only 18 and above age blog owners can apply for adsense.

Active blog:- A blog must be at least 6 months old (in asian countries) and active to be able to place ads.

Blog posts:- There is no fixed number of blog posts but it should be with quality posts.

Navigation:- A blog must have proper navigation menu.

Appropriate content:- The content of a blog must not spread words of violence and hatred. Adult content is strictly not allowed.

Blog language:- Adsense is supported with few languages so far and blogs having different languages than these will not be approved. The supported languages are:-

ArabicGerman Polish
Bulgarian Greek Portuguese
Chinese (simplified) Hebrew Romanian
Chinese (traditional) Hindi Russian
Croatian Hungarian Serbian
Czech Indonesian Slovak
Danish Italian Slovenian
Dutch Japanese Spanish
English Korean Swedish
Estonian Latvian Thai
Filipino Lithuanian Turkish
Finnish Malay Ukrainian
French Norwegian Vietnamese

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Once your blog gets approved you can place ads on your blog. You can use 'Adsense' gadget to place ads on your blog in 'Layout' section on blogger.

You can also create ad unit in your adsense account and then you'll need to paste the code in 'HTML/Javascript' gadget in blogger.

The easiest way is to add adsense gadget.

Adsense encourage bloggers to publish original content. Blogs with copied content are not going to get an approval.

In case, your blog is showing blank ads then please read this article to understand better.

Blank adsense ads and hosted account issue

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