Things To Do Before Applying For AdSense

Google adsense is one of the best way to earn from your blog. There are many other ways which let you earn from your blog but Google adsense is best of them all. Though it's not that easy to get approved from Google adsense and many bloggers don't have an idea on what to do or follow before applying for adsense application.

Adsense Program

If you're completely new to Adsense and don't know the basics then I'd suggest you to read this article which may help in approval:-

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To get an approval from adsense you must consider these points.

Poor Blog Layout

If you're going to apply for adsense then you must fix your blog first. Adsense isn't going to accept your application until you make your blog user friendly. Your blog should have proper navigation menus and a proper homepage. If you've a long homepage with all of your posts then you should work on you homepage.

If your posts show only images and no words then you should add some text as Google adsense only approves the blog which have quality posts.

About Page

An About page is simply a must-have. Even when you are not applying for an AdSense account, having a proper About page set up is a necessity. An About page describes you and your blog, what the blog is all about and many other details about the site. It is the first step towards building a good relationship with your readers.

Privacy Policy Page

I know how weird this may sound, but your blog or website needs to have a proper Privacy Policy in place before you apply for an AdSense account. AdSense simply requires every site in its network to have good intent to protect their users privacy.

You don’t have to worry about writing the privacy policy yourself. There are pre-made templates and plugins you can use to have the correct pages set up in just a few minutes. You can then make small adjustments to make the privacy policy more relevant to your site.

Contact Page

You can let your readers contact you via a simple contact page and a clear contact email address. Both of these elements are required when you are applying for an AdSense account, so be sure to have them in place before you even begin your application process. is a good email address to use when you want to set up a contact email. This is an email address that Google will recognize immediately. As for the Contact Us page, you can use a plugin or a simple HTML form to allow readers to get in touch.

Name and Email Verification

Google will verify your full name and email address when you first apply for an AdSense account. Although the company will also verify your domain name, it is a good idea to display both your full name and valid email on the site for verification purposes.

A good way of doing this is by having an Author box on the home page of the site, on the footer or at the bottom of every article. Similar to the previous elements, you can always find plugins and add-ons that will help you accomplish this in just a few seconds.

Sufficient Number of Quality Posts

There is no rule to follow when it comes to the minimum number of posts you should have before applying for an AdSense account. There are old blogs that didn’t get approved even with over 500 posts on their sites. On the other hand, newer blogs with fewer than 100 posts are displaying AdSense ads already. To increase your chances of success when applying for an AdSense account, it is best to have at least 50 posts of over 500 words. Make sure the posts are themed and highly readable as well.

Based on everything that has been followed above, submitting and making sure that an AdSense application is approved is not such a hard thing to do, but it does require some work. However, by keeping all of the tips in mind, chances are that your AdSense application will be accepted without any trouble.

Have you ever had an AdSense application denied? If yes, did you eventually get it accepted? Let us know in the comment section below.

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