Blank Adsense Ads And Hosted Account Issue

The blank ads issue is being faced by many bloggers as they are unaware of some facts. If you've a verified adsense account and you can create ad units in your adsense account but still you're seeing blank ads on your blog then you need to understand the whole process.

Google Adsense

If you're already using AdSense on your YouTube account then you'll be able to create ad units in AdSense account and also you'll be able to add AdSense widget in blogger. But you'll only see blank ads in this case.

Earnings Section In Blogger

The above screenshot will help you to understand this better. Just because you're seeing Account ID in earnings tab doesn't mean you're authorised to place ads.

It happens when you have created AdSense account through YouTube or AdMob. We call it hosted account.

Adsense Hosted Account Issue

As per Google Policies, you can't use AdSense on two Google products and if you want to use it on two products then you must first upgrade AdSense account.

In this case, the AdSense account is already being used by one Google Product i.e. YouTube so to use AdSense on Blogger you must first upgrade your AdSense account. Then only you'll be able to place live ads on your blog.

How to upgrade?

To use same AdSense account on blogger please follow these steps to upgrade your account:-

  • Login to your adsense account
  • Go to 'My ads'
  • Click on 'other products' 
  • Enter your blog address and hit submit

Upgrading Hosted Adsense Account

This way you'll be able to submit your application for approval.

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In this case, you should have custom domain added to your blog otherwise you wouldn't be able to upgrade your account.

Google policies don't allow upgrade of AdSense account without custom domain for blogger.

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Before adding a custom domain to your blog first make sure if you're eligible for AdSense or not. See more about eligibility here

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Once your application gets approved you'll be able to place ads on your blog.

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