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People nowadays are making a blog just for fun but if you work hard on your blog then you can earn good money from your blog. Professional bloggers are now earning up to $10000 per month from their blog. You can also earn money through your blog if you're willing to work hard.

Blogging Tips

Earning money through blogger is not easy as it needs patience, hard work, and techniques. While patience and hard work is something that depends on you but techniques and tactics can be found here.

Blogging is a long term investment and its earning increases with the growth of the blog. Here I'm going to help you with some techniques which are indeed necessary for a blogging career.

See this whole thing as 4 step process.


The very first thing is creating an idea about your new blog. You should first think what you're going to post on your blog and whether it is going to interest people or not. Making a blog is easy but getting traffic on your blog is not.

The blog title should be unique and should define the blog. The title should be more than enough to know what content people will be getting there. It should be related to blog content.

After that create your blog in blogger and get to know the different options of blogger so that you can use it accordingly. Many bloggers still face problems in blogger even when it's really easy to use.

Create some new posts but not the real content, you should post your interesting content after creating basic posts so as to gather more people.  Your old posts will not able to attract people.
Also, make your posts long enough to make it clear to people. Google gives more preference to long posts than short posts. Make sure to have more than 500 words.

Your posts and your blog should be unique as people nowadays can find anything on the internet and if you're posting something then it's possible that there are other sites with same content. So your uniqueness is the only thing which will help you to increase traffic on your blog. Without traffic, you can't earn money from your blog.



Customising a blog means making it user-friendly. Unfortunately, blogger templates are too ugly and I personally don't like them but there is no limit on customising blogger template. Give a stylish look to your blog and if not then just give it a normal look not that creepy blogger template look.

Think yourself as a user and see what problems you're facing in that blog. A navigation menu holds the important topics of the blog and hence grabs the attention of people. Use it to highlight your some of the interesting topics.
See these article for help:-

Using labels to make navigation menu in blogger

Drop down navigation menu for blogger

The layout of your blog should be user-friendly showing only the content that matters. Don't just fill all the space with social media buttons. It's your content that will attract visitor and not your Facebook like button. If possible use simple fonts as it really affects on traffic.


Add few gadgets only and avoid unnecessary gadgets as they will increase the size of your blog and making your blog load slow. Your blog should load fast because there are people with slow internet too.

FAQ- Gadgets
Make you blog look cool with these awesome gadgets

This is the most important step as this will help you gather people on your blog. Seo is well defined in these other articles. This is not a topic which can be defined in 3 lines.

Basic SEO tips for Bloggers
Advanced SEO tips for Bloggers

Blogger already has a mobile site with every template but you should check it regularly to see the layout of your blog in mobile. Depending on your blog content you will be able to understand if mobile users are more important or not but still you can't ignore this step.


You wouldn't be able to monetize your blog with AdSense as there are some basic requirements. But you can use other ad networks to place ads on your blog. Monetise your blog from day one.

Affiliate marketing is a good start by which you can earn from your blog. In this process, you refer people from your blog to some online stores and if someone you referred makes any purchase you will  get a commission.

You can use some famous site which offers referring programs to earn money. This is the easiest way of earning money through blog.


Your posts should attract people and should be able to grab attention. Don't write like a robot and try to write as cool as possible. People like to read interesting articles.

Update your blog regularly, search for new topics that will interest your readers. Blogging is not an easy job. Don't just let your readers forget about your blog instead encourage them to share your blog.

Get more subscribers by offering something like free e-books. Build trust among your readers and let them promote your blog happily.

Stylish subscriber box for blogger

Cover more topics and test out new things. Check what your readers want and what they are actually looking for. Find some good authors for your blog. A blog should never get out of fashion and should be up to date.

I'm here to help you always. Do support me by subscribing this blog and sharing my posts. This way I'll be able to help you in many more future articles.

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