Using Labels To Make Navigation Menu In Blogger

Navigation menu is very important for a blog. Navigation menu actually help your readers to view different articles of your blog. Blog owners can use this option to highlight interesting topics and contents of their blog to their readers.

Tutes Inside- Navigation Menu Tip

If you don't have navigation menu on your blog then you're missing an important gadget on your blog. Every website nowadays have navigation menu.

Have I told you navigation menu is a requirement of Google Adsense?

Everything you must know about adsense

So basically you can't even earn from your blog if you don't have navigation menu on your blog. Well don't worry you can always create a simple navigation menu in your blog and if you want any stylish menu then you can follow this link:-

Drop down menu for blogger

This is not it, this article is for those people who use 'Pages' as their navigation option. Well I'm not saying this is a bad idea if you know how to maintain your pages but if you don't know then you should use 'Labels'

Before I go further if you don't know about labels. Understand this powerful weapon in blogger here:-

FAQ- Labels

When finished adding labels to your posts. Add 'Labels' gadget in 'Layout' in blogger.
Now you'll be able to see all your labels on your blog. Now, copy the links of any label you want to highlight in your navigation menu.

Go back to 'Layout', open your 'Navigation menu' editor (HTML/Javascript gadget or Pages gadget whatever you have) and add that link to your navigation menu option.

This way whenever your reader will click that option in your navigation menu, it will open all the posts with that label.

See my navigation menu to understand better.

Share your navigation menu ideas and confusion in comments below.

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  1. Hello Rishabh,
    You have a great website.
    I have just started a new blog and Im wanting to add a drop down menu on my blog,it is a simple theme one.If you coould make a tutorial on it,It would be greatly helpful.
    Much appreciated and Thanks


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