Meta Tags In Blogger Explained

Meta tags provide information about a web page to search engines, browsers and other web services. Meta tags are not visible on web page directly they are machine parsable. They hold the very important information about a webpage and this is why they are so important.

Tutes Inside- Understanding Meta Tags

As they provide information about a webpage to search engines they have SEO value too. The SEO misconception about meta tags can be cleared with this point. If you don't have any knowledge about SEO then you can read this article:-

Basic SEO tips for bloggers

If you have third party template then please see this article on how to update meta tags in third party templates and to know basic issues faced because of those meta tags.

Updating meta tags in third party blogger templates

Thanks to blogger, it automatically updates meta tags according to your blog data. The title and description meta tags gets updated whenever you update the blog title and description of your blog in 'Header' gadget or in 'Settings' section. These are the two tags that search engines use.

So, why you need to read this article?

It's because you should understand the value of meta tags and use them wisely. Meta tags don't only provide information to search engines, they also provide information to other web services like Facebook and Twitter.

Whenever an article gets shared to these sites they look for meta tags of that web page. While blogger automatically has meta tags for Facebook, you need to add meta tags for Twitter manually in your template.

For ex:- If you want to add meta tag for Twitter creator which is the Twitter account of the blog owner. You can add this meta tag:-

<meta content='xxxxx' name='twitter:creator'/>

xxxxx is your Twitter ID, you must change it with your twitter ID.

See all meta tags of Twitter here:-
Twitter meta tags

You don't have to do anything for Facebook meta tags but you need to remember this one point.

Blog description is different from post description

If you're not going to add post description then search engines and other web services like Facebook will use blog description as post description.

This is the major issue with bloggers nowadays. You need to update post description so that people can see different description in different posts while in search engines or shared contents.

You can add post description in 'Search Description' box while in the post editor. See the screenshot below:-

Screenshot Of Post Editor Showing Search Description Box

Just add a short description of your post in that box and everything will work fine with description meta tags.

Furthermore, you can't see that search description box if you have not enabled meta tags in your blog. This is where your blog description meta tag resides.

To change the description of your blog and to add search description option to your post editor you must enable this tag.

The tag can be found in 'Search preferences' section in 'Settings'

Blog Description Meta Tag In Blogger

I think you can now understand the use of meta tags and their roles. Basically, some meta tag gets updated itself but it's good to have the basic knowledge to avoid some basic issues.

Happy blogging!

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  1. why there is no search description in my post editor?

    1. Hi there,

      Please enable meta description tag in 'Settings > Search preference > Meta Tags'
      After that you'll be able to see search description box.



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