Working with Godaddy in Blogger

Godaddy comes in the list of top 10 domain registrars. Most of the people in India use Godaddy to register their domain. It's very easy and comes with a great user interface. Registering a domain is simple but the real work is making it work.

Tutes Inside- Working With Godaddy In Blogger

While I already explained the need of custom domain in blogger here,

Need of custom domain in blogger explained

Please see this article as this will help you in understanding what you should do after adding custom domain to your blog.

Changing web address of a blog

Without wasting more time let's get back to work. Please read all the steps before following them.
This is an easy to follow guide and I hope you would be able to add your custom domain in no time without making any mistake.

Steps to follow

1. Open Blogger in one tab and Godaddy in another tab of browser

Tabs Of Browser

2. Now, in blogger go to 'Settings' and select 'Basic', there in 'Publishing' section click on '+Setup third party URL for your blog'

Publishing Section In Blogger

3. Type in the custom domain you registered on Godaddy

Adding Custom Domain In Publishing Section

4. Click on 'Save' and you will see something like this

CNAME Records Error In Publishing Section

5. Now, blogger will show you CNAME records of your blog that you must add in your Godaddy DNS management page. Just leave the blogger window as it is.
Don't close any window or neither click on 'Save' until there is a step saying click on 'Save'.

6. Now, move to Godaddy window

7. On Godaddy domain management page you'll see something like this.

Godaddy Domain Management Page

8. Click on the settings gear icon and select manage dns.

Settings In Domain Management Page

9. You will see another page like this and there you need to click on 'Add'

DNS Management Page In Godaddy

10. After clicking on add you will see drop down box and there select 'CNAME' and click on 'Save'

Adding CNAME Record In Godaddy

11. After that you need to put your CNAME records in the window that will appear. Just copy the CNAME records from the blogger window and paste it in Godaddy window. If you are wondering which CNAME records then see step 4 and you will understand.

12. See how to add those CNAME records one by one through these screenshots:-

Adding www CNAME Record In Godaddy

Adding Unique Blog CNAME Record In Godaddy

13. Now, you need to add 4 A records. It's important to add A records as without A records your custom domain is not going to work correctly.

These are the A records you need to add

14. Adding A records is just like adding CNAME record. Just select A in the drop down box where we selected CNAME earlier in step 10.

Just type @ in 'Host' field and the above IP in 'Points to' field. See the screenshot:-

Adding A Record In Godaddy

Add all the A records by clicking on 'Add' button one by one.

15. When you are finished adding all the A records you should see something like this with all the 6 records you added.

List Of Records In Godaddy

16. Now, go back to blogger and click on 'Save'.

Saving Custom Domain Settings In Blogger

17. Now, your custom domain would be working but don't forget the final touch.
Reload blogger and again go back in 'Publishing' section and click on 'Edit' where you see your custom domain.

18. Then click on the check box which says 'Redirect to' and then click on 'Save'

Configuring www Redirect Settings In Blogger

Hopefully, you liked this easy guide.
Sorry for the long post I made sure I'm not missing any step so as to avoid any mistake.

Let me know if you added custom domain in one attempt with this guide or not.

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