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Blogging is easy with Blogger but still Blogger has limited tools to customize a blog. If you are good at HTML then you can do nearly everything in Blogger but for those who don't know anything about HTML, it gets tricky.

Tutes Inside- Embed Audio In Blogger

Blogger comes with limited gadgets okay very limited gadgets. People can not find good gadgets to make things a little easy for them and then they can not do anything other than searching for a way to make a gadget themselves on internet.

I do not know when Blogger is going to add some more cool gadgets to help people.

This article will cover everything about how to embed audio in blogger and how to make a button to download audio file from a blog.

Whether you want to embed audio in your blog or to make a downloadable button, you need to host your audio file first on any file hosting site.

Well, it's better to host your file on a paid hosting site if you have many audio files for better security.
Otherwise, you can host your files on dropbox.

How to host files on dropbox

Once you have the link of your audio file, you can use the link to embed audio on your blog or to make a downloadable button.

Embed audio file in Blogger

The easy way of embedding audio file in blogger is by using audio tag. Just copy this code and place it in your blog post or HTML/Javascript gadget to make your audio file playable on your blog.

<audio controls>
  <source src="myaudiofile.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">

Don't forget to replace the link of audio file myaudiofile.mp3 to your link.
This is how the player will look like when you place this code in your blog.

See the code working here:-

If you want your audio file to play automatically once someone opens your blog or blog post then, you just need to place a piece of code autoplay
Just like this:-

<audio controls autoplay>
  <source src="myaudiofile.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">

Please do not use autoplay feature as this will leave a bad impact on the traffic of your blog. People don't like sounds coming from a webpage all of a sudden.

Make audio downloadable

Now, the question is if your reader wants to download that audio from your blog then how they can do it?
The answer is pretty simple you make a download button and attach the link of audio file.

How to make animated buttons in blogger

This one is easy, right?

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  1. thanks so much! made a recording of my kids singing and couldn't get it to work with the html provided frmm a couple of other sites, but this did!


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