Strange Pageviews Statistics In Blogger

If you are blogging from quite some time then you may have noticed some unusual statistics of pageviews. While blogger has removed the previous graphical representation of pageviews and now you can only see the pageviews in statistics section.

Tutes Inside- Unusual Increase In Blogger Stats

If you're seeing something like this suddenly on your blog and you're wondering how it happened then you should know about the referrer spam bots.

Of course, they can be real page views but you need to look in traffic sources and if you can see some weird site as your traffic source then it's a referrer spam bot.

Referrer spam in blogger

Referrer spam is a technique in which a spammer uses a bot for spamming purpose. The process doesn't harm the targeted blog which is yours if you are targeted by a spamming bot. The only purpose of the bot is to leave a link of advertising site in your traffic source.

If you're wondering whether the bot actually visits your blog or not then the answer is no. They do not visit the blog they are just fake visit to make you click on the link.

It's not something related with blogger and it's been there even when blogger was not found. Any website or blog can be a target of these spam bots.

What to do with referrer spam?

While you can't really stop them but always remember not to click on the links that appear in your traffic sources. It will only encourage the spammer to target you more. This is the best you can do to avoid them. And publishing your traffic sources on your blog is not a good idea in this case.

If you're thinking why Google is not taking a step against these spam bots then you should know that there are many spam bots being created every day and it's not possible to block them every day.

The only thing you need to know is they are not going to harm your blog and they are fake visits also knows as ghost spam.

There is a list of ghost spam on GitHub showing the major domains which appear in traffic sources and should be avoided. See it here:-

Ghost Spam List

Kudos to the people of GitHub for doing this great work!

Using Google Analytics for detailed information

You should always use Google Analytics for correct data of your blog. The blogger statistics don't give right data always.
Also, you can add the referrer spam site to the filter list in Google Analytics to make it disappear from the stats data.

What google has to say about adding referrer spam domains to filter list?
Google support- Referral exclusions

You can always build real traffic on your blog. Start following the SEO tips to achieve what you're looking for.

Basic SEO tips for bloggers
Advanced SEO tips for bloggers

I hope this article will help you understand about the unusual hike in page views on blogger statistics and what that really means.

Unfortunately, there is no way you can stop them and if you have seen any article to how to stop them then I'd suggest you to not follow that article.

Why not share your views and situations you faced like this in comments?
Let other bloggers see that they are not the only one who faces this problem.

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  1. It is causing rank drop in alexa.

    1. Basically, this is not what happens as the traffic is not a real traffic.
      It might be a case of coincidence.

  2. My stats on my blogger posts are doubling in proportion to the real comments that are on my page. I don't know how to use google analytics to see the real numbers. Please help.


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