How to Align Images Side by Side in Blogger

When it comes to making a quality post or article, you can not make it without adding images. Not only an image will help you in defining complex concepts but also it gives a better look to your article.

Embed Audio in Blogger

Blogging is easy with Blogger but still Blogger has limited tools to customize a blog. If you are good at HTML then you can do nearly everything in Blogger but for those who don't know anything about HTML, it gets tricky.

Working with Bigrock in Blogger

My last article was a how to tutorial and it nicely demonstrates how bloggers can add Godaddy domain to their blogger blog. So, I thought of making another how to tutorial for Bigrock users. This is going to be a simple tutorial also.

Working with Godaddy in Blogger

Godaddy comes in the list of top 10 domain registrars. Most of the people in India use Godaddy to register their domain. It's very easy and comes with a great user interface. Registering a domain is simple but the real work is making it work.

How to Setup Custom Domain in Blogger

Adding custom domain is very easy if you follow all the steps. Google help document has already given steps on how to work with the custom domain in blogger. It's not that helpful if you're new to all this thing. I'm just going to define a little so that you can understand and help yourself.

The Need of Custom Domain in Blogger Explained

The very much asked question is why is there any need of custom domain when we already have blog with a sub domain. Before we go further, first know the difference between sub domain and domain. There is not much difference but when it comes to blogs hosted on blogger you must know the difference.

Image Optimization Guide for Bloggers

Image optimization the term experts often use while talking about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Images play an important role in SEO and if you have so many images in your blog then you must know about the impact they can have on SEO.

Snowfall Effect for Blogger

Christmas time and bloggers start to look for ideas to design their blog. From changing header to background, every blogger wants to give a different christmas theme to their blog. Some of the bloggers know about this effect and they search for a way to add this effect to their blog.